Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Doing what I never thought I'd do

 This whole Obamacare thing has gotten me thinking about my own health insurance and how I can save money with it.

 I've had PPO insurance for a long time. It has been good in many, many ways. However, the cost right now is unbelievably high. Because of that, I'm debating switching to an HMO plan-Kaiser.

 Everyone I know who has Kaiser (or has had it in the past) absolutely likes it. No one I know has any major complaints about it-and they actually impressed me when a friend's son had a heart problem discovered at birth. They were promptly on it and had that kid at a pediatric cardiologist's in no time. My cousin's son, who was born 2 weeks later, had the same problem. His was discovered when he was 6 months old. Even though my cousin and her husband took him to a top notch hospital by them for a diagnosis, the doctor saw him infrequently. Kaiser saw my friend's son every 3 months until the hole closed.

 So, I may laugh once I speak with someone at Kaiser about saving money, but I'm going to try.

 Here goes something... 

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