Friday, February 7, 2014

Second opinion

Since I switched insurance last month, I went to my first appointment with a breast surgeon to follow up regarding my breast biopsy of 2012. I was told by my previous medical group that even though I didn't have cancer, that a cell found in the biopsy meant I needed to be in that surgeon's office every 6 months getting an MRI, ultrasounds and a mammogram once a year.

 The cell found was atypical ductal hyperplasia. After Googling, I began to think that the doctor was going a little overboard. Going back today confirmed that. Yes, I do need to be monitored. That means getting a mammogram every other year. That's it! Yaaaay! (For those of you wondering, I asked why not every year starting at 40. The doctor said that current standards say mammogram every other year for a person with risk factors up until age 50, when it becomes every year.) I get a mammogram next month and then will be good for 2 years. (Or until I switch insurance...)

 While I appreciate the first doctor's concern and am happy with her biopsy work (The current doctor said it was very good, as she could barely tell where the cuts were made. She's right. I'm pretty happy with the other doctor's work too.), I am glad I thought for myself and didn't allow the other breast surgeon to go unnecessarily billing happy on me.

 So, I'll make the necessary health changes and move forward, seeing one less doctor. 

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