Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014-The Good, The Bad, The TMI Stuff

 Thanksgiving has come and gone. I can officially say it was one of my more eventful ones-for not good reasons. I forgot a ton of ingredients for my stuffing recipe that everyone usually enjoys. My mind was too racy to make my promised mini pumpkin pies-and I got sick....

It isn't Thanksgiving unless this jello recipe comes out! Maybe that's what got me sick? Lol
 I have a few ideas of what may have happened, which I won't mention. I just hope to never have this happen on Thanksgiving again!

 My mom's side of the family then got together yesterday at El Cholo's. I jokingly call this restaurant white man's Mexican food. Yes, it's very good, but not authentic in my opinion. We never hit that place unless we're celebrating some special occasion. My aunt and uncle went on their first date there though, which is why we always go there for family occasions. My immediate family though? We hit up the authentic Mexican place close to my parents house. :)

 Traditions are good and it was also good to see my family. My cousin and her hubby brought their 2 1/2 year old, who I obviously thought was a total cutie pie and shot a zillion pics of him. (And I got my cousin's permission to stick these online. I'm very cautious in that respect.)

My uncle, my cousin, my cousin's little guy and my other cousin

Me and my mom

My cousin's little guy meeting his great-uncle, my dad

And the Christmas season begins now! 

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