Thursday, September 1, 2016

August recap

  August had some memorable moments. Let's just put it that way...

 The month began with a drunk college student on my doorstep really super early one morning. I guess it should be expected since I live two miles from our local university, but it seriously jolted me out of my sleep when I saw someone out there super early in the morning. I requested to see the video from her knocking on my door simply out of curiosity since my complex has one of their video cameras pointed almost at my front door. The association member who showed it to me even said how obvious it was to her that the person was simply drunk and lost. I agreed.

 The fun continued, though! I was awakened a few nights later around 1 am by a neighbor and the police. (!) My neighbor works nights and walked her dog around our complex after coming home from work. She noticed a man text messaging literally right by my gate and called the police because she was concerned. I'm very grateful for her, but as the police said, that could have been a number of things-and the man was gone by the time the police arrived.

 These two situations made me grateful to have nice neighbors and also that one of my complex's security cameras shine almost at my front door. Friends have told me to sleep with my porch light on, which I've been doing since those two episodes.

 I decided to not do online dating anymore and got my profile off of two free sites. I had a creepy experience on one of them (August was quite the month!), which prompted this decision. Let's just leave it at that...  However, my last online date (with a non-creepy man) was very nice. We went to The Cannery in Newport Beach. He seemed nice, but honestly, I felt he was moving way too fast. I decided after that to not do online dating anymore. If God blesses me with a husband, we'll meet the old fashioned way-face to face!

 I also had a biopsy of my thyroid goiter, which came back benign. I also had to see a surgeon about a medical issue from 6 years ago. I have to get an MRI of that area this weekend. Great... That week is going to be fun, as I have my mammogram and the MRI.

 The job search continues. I continue to get interviews. The hard thing is scheduling them between work and not making it obvious that I'm searching for a new job.

 Women's ministry at church had their monthly event. We had ice cream sundaes then. I wish I would have taken a picture of the setup for the sundaes, as it was cute. Women's Conference is coming up, which I know will be nice. I also got drafted to volunteer in a different area at church.

 My friend Chris's grandmother died this month. I've known Chris since high school, so I saw the grandma before she passed away. She sadly had a brain bleed as my dad did, but she went to a different hospital. The quality of care was amazingly different-sad to say. I helped Chris move the next week, as she and her kids were living with her grandmother and the house is being sold.

 I also had my hair done. Woot! :) It looks like my only photo for the month. :)

 So it looks like that was my month. Here's to a non-eventful September!

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