Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December recap

 I've done a year of these monthly updates. I think this is a great idea to keep up with blogging. I'll certainly continue this in the new year.

 Its been an interesting year. Two people I know passed away. I technically went to both funerals since someone did Facebook live at one of them. My mom ended up in the hospital twice. And on and on.

 Bare with me this month, as not all the photos I took could be downloaded off my phone. I got a few though!

 The month began with getting some great health news. The lesions in my spleen have actually shrunk since a CT-scan from 6 years ago! No bone marrow biopsy is needed! Yippeeee! In fact, the hematologist/oncologist isn't sure it's even Lymphoma! I was told the major symptoms of this terrible disease and was told to let my primary doctor know if I have them so that she can refer me over again. Otherwise, I don't need to see this specialist again!

 I literally spent a day recovering after Mom was released from the hospital since I spent many hours awake over the few days she was there. MANY. Mom is doing fine.

 My insurance company also closed out the claim against me and found me not liable for last year's garage fire. I knew that. BUT, the Southern California rains began, which meant the smoke in the walls began to come up again and stink. My neighbor now wants to redo all her cleaning in her garage. We'll see what happens here. Sigh....

 I sold 40 of my handmade Christmas gift tags! I'm happy to say that all that are left are my not-so-nice ones, which I can possibly use. They may get tossed, but I'll figure that out. I was just happy to sell almost all of them!

 I saw the usual Christmas lights this month also. There are some neat ones in the area I live in. The city I live in has a cute area that decorates their trees in something called Sparkle Balls. It's really fun to see. Also, historic Old Towne Orange has a fun neighborhood called Pine Street where all the neighbors do a fantastic job decorating their houses this time of year. I also saw the Eagle Hills neighborhood by me, which is super fun, but can get crowded this time of year.

 A former neighbor/friend's mom also died this month. Another neighbor/friend and I went to the funeral together. We knew we needed to.

My friend/neighbor wanted a picture after her mom's funeral. I normally wouldn't take selfies at a funeral. 

 I also got a chance to see my friend Debra, who had the major heart attack in October. It was super sad. She's in a transitional care facility and is still on a ventilator. She's getting frustrated because no one can understand her and actually tried to yank the ventilator out. (Her brother told me they're apparently going to try to wean her from the vent shortly.) They restrained her, which made it even more sad and made her unable to write, which would have probably made her less frustrated.

 My association also held their annual Christmas party. It was nice to get together with the neighbors and had a more peaceful ending than last year's, where someone was drunk and yelled at someone else. Fun stuff here....

Christmas came and went. I started the day going to church with my mom. It was a nice day.

The dog got me a gift. Lol

And I had plumbing problems again, which in turn started a project around here. Fun stuff!

 Twelve months of updates. The year is out!

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