Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017.... The beginning-January

 The new year began with an event my city held to usher in the new year. A long-time friend invited me to go along with his friends. They had a great fireworks show at midnight. I hadn't been to it for almost 20 years prior to my friend Dan inviting me. It was fun!

 I got some bad news about my cousin Leslie in early January. She has pancreatic cancer-Stage 4. Her father died a year ago, so a lot of us are in shock about it. It has spread to her liver and adrenal glands, so the Lord is in control of this one...

 I had to take my mom to the doctor one day. It's the fun part of having elderly parents... She's fine though. In fact, the doctor was amazed how healthy she was. I may have to take her for a colonoscopy, but I'll see.

 We also had a ton of rain this month. My complex was practically flooded one day with the rain up to my ankles. I never thought I'd have to invest in galoshes. Guess I was wrong! We also had flash flooding another day. My patio started to flood, which is never fun. I seriously thought I'd be getting sandbags during the flood, which didn't thrill me at all. Fortunately, the rain stopped with the flooding barely getting high. I had to push the water out once the rain stopped.

 We also have a new president! I really liked his inaugural address. I watched it that morning online and found the whole ceremony just beautiful and enjoyed the tradition of it.

 My friend Chad and I went to the beach one day and had dinner at an Italian restaurant he liked. It was good and was kind of a cool place.

Chianti bottles were on the ceiling...

 I also decided to go to a talk the mayor of my town had, which was interesting. It was held in the city's museum auditorium. It's a beautiful old building, and as you can tell, I liked the architecture-and the interesting mural in the back. :)

I can't turn this picture the correct way. Pretty border though! :) 

 I also had more "fun" with my insurance company over the damn fire from over a year ago. The attorneys from my neighbor's insurance company began calling me at home during the evening. I got upset with my insurance agent at that point and told her to get on it and to please get them off my back. My neighbor also wants me to get my garage professionally cleaned. My agent is working on that with the association too... It seems like this will never be done...

 February memories to come!

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