Saturday, March 4, 2017

And then, we come to February...

February came in rather normally. I went to my church's prayer and worship night on the 1st. That was, as usual, awesome.

 A story came out this month about a man who owned a home in the city I was born in. He's a few years younger than my parents and had the saddest story. The poor man has dementia and his wife and son abandoned him in England with no ID, nothing! The BBC even did a documentary on him. It's a very sad story-and it kind of hit home. Granted, I would never abandon my elderly parents in a foreign country, but I understand the struggle. You ask for help though instead of dumping someone in a foreign country!  This country needs to find a better way to work with the elderly. It's too expensive to find decent care for the elderly here-to even put them in a home. That is terrible.

 And then, a police officer was shot and killed in the same city. (It was a lousy month for the city...) It was the first officer death for that department in 40 years, so it was big news. A former neighbor who now lives back East said she saw it on the news back there. I went to the memorial that evening at the police station after having dinner with my parents. I just wanted to see it.

 My insurance company once again opened the liability claim again in the fire. I swear this thing doesn't go away... My next door neighbor's insurance company wants my insurance company to pay for the cleaning that my neighbor did of the contents in her garage after the fire. And, to top it off, she wants to redo everything again! And my insurance company once again found me not liable. I don't think it will go away any time soon though.

 I had a procedure done in the middle of the month. A cyst was literally underneath my right nipple and caused a gross bubble. This is all related to my pituitary adenoma, which has caused my ducts to be open in one breast. You're more prone to these cysts when you have this.  The surgeon did a good job. I can hardly tell there was an incision. I was a little stoned for a few days after on pain pills, but all is well now.

And then, this thing finally showed up for my patio.... I accidentally cracked it after changing the light bulb. Since I live in a condo, I knew the patio was the association's responsibility, but I said I would pay for the globe since it was a small amount. That is, if I could find a place that sold these '70s things! Home Depot had globes, but not the threaded kind that I needed. And on and on.... I could finally find one. I was so happy when my patio didn't look ghetto fabulous anymore!

 Robyn, her husband and little guy came to California for a visit also this month! They stayed near Disneyland where I saw them one evening. We all shared a dessert, which was great. My pseudo nephew is super cute!

Mom also celebrated her 79th birthday. We went to Cedar Creek Inn, which is always fabulous.

 We had a lot of rain again this month. I know Southern California needs it, but MAN! We even had another flash flood warning, but it wasn't as bad as last month.

 I also got my hair done. It was sadly, sadly needed. I always like the outcome.

 And the month sadly ended with my cousin Leslie being put on hospice. She was only diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last month, so it was sad to see things come to an end so fast. The good thing is that her kids all reunited and are with her now. 

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