Thursday, August 10, 2017

June gloom?

 The lovely days of June have come and gone. They were a mixed bag.

 I'm still employed. :) I about came unglued though one day this month, but managed to stay calm when I was blamed for a mistake that was not my fault. What happened was a loan processor did not do his job and ended up not sending money out on time. I have to do 50 things at once, so I got the email asking where the money was but was doing my job and got the email to the processor late. It's not like I wasn't doing my job! And guess who got blamed for the funds not going out? Me! Why? Because they claim I could have forwarded and printed the email and walked it to the processor sooner, even though I was doing my job!

 I also ended up getting a nice bacterial infection that had me on antibiotics for 10 days. The woman behind me at work has been sick since the day I began there, so I know she gave me the infection. She's still sick....

 My parents also celebrated their 47th Anniversary. I once again played designated driver and drove them to dinner at The Cat and the Custard Cup. As usual, it was fantastic.

 Father's Day was also nice. My mom and I went out to dinner with my dad to Cafe El Cholo, where he said he wanted nachos with jalapenos and beer. He said he could have stopped there. :) I got him beer for a Father's Day gift, which he really liked.

 On to July! Photos to come-some day!

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