Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's no fun having aging parents........

 My dad can't have a stent. Bypass surgery.

 When I called the hospital this afternoon after my dad's angiogram, I spoke with my mom and she said it and I was in shock. Wow. It really is that bad.  The cardiologist apparently said though that his arteries are in good shape. Some good news?

 I had to take care of things at my parents house and spoke to the neighbors across the street and told them. And I heard about people in their 80s having bypass surgery. And then, I went to the hospital.

 They were checking Dad's carotid arteries with an ultrasound when I walked in the room. I saw blockages and blood flow. I saw the nurse check the circulation in one leg and didn't find a whole lot. Dad had to go then, so I left the room and the nurse came to the room. He was polite and waited outside, which was when I ambushed him. Remind me to never do that again.......

 I whispered to the nurse that I thought he was pretty bad. Am I right or wrong? He first said oh no, no, no and that the doctor should explain. And then, he started talking. No intervention was done during the angiogram, he said. The word "yeah" came out of his mouth then-a lot-and a look. My mom came around the corner then and I shut up. She asked me what he said and I lied. Really, nothing much, but his actions spoke volumes.

 The hospital actually made the appointment for the surgeon TOMORROW. Holy crud, how bad can it be? I need to pray right now because I don't have a good feeling about all this.

 It just truly sucks.

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