Thursday, September 1, 2011

August fun

 This is the only non-work related picture I took during August. LOL!

 August was a busy month with work, work, work. Lots of freelance writing is coming my way, which is a blessing from God. I would say that probably the most interesting article I did this month was for the major paper in my area where I interviewed a Japanese woman whose father and grandfather took photos while they were in an internment camp. Those were the greatest photos ever. I really saw something unique.

 I also hope to never go through this again. Stupid me forgot to apply for health insurance before my COBRA ran out and so I went for the month without health insurance. I prayed to not be hit by a car or land in the hospital during that time. And I just breathed a huge sigh of relief as I saw midnight roll around. Ahhhh, insurance again.

 I also went to a wedding reception for a work acquaintance. She is a sweetheart and it was fun to meet people that I have talked to over the phone for work purposes.

 And of course, there were the issues with my parents. The anxiety is through the roof right now because of that.

 Here's to September. I pray that it's a fun-filled, no stress month. Probably not reality though considering what's happening.

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