Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interesting past couple of weeks.....

 I haven't figured out yet how to get that other blog down. I also can't answer blog comments now either. I posted a question on the Blogger forum about this, so hopefully I get a response soon.

 It has been an interesting past couple of weeks. I take that back, it has been a crazy past couple of weeks. Crazy with a capital C. I am nobody in the scheme of things, yet some people seem to think I am. To say that I'm cautious is the understatement of the year. It may even affect my freelancing job at a major local publication. You locals reading this will know what I'm talking about....

 Otherwise though, things have been normal. I went to Darin and Donna's wedding a few weeks ago.

 It was a great wedding and the reception was at a cute, unique place. They are a good couple matched by God. I especially liked the centerpieces-wedding cake pinatas!

 I can't believe that October will rear its head soon. The year will soon be over? Yikes!  
 Hope all of you have had a less dramatic month than I have!

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