Sunday, October 16, 2011

fresh, natural and (relatively) cheap?

 It's pretty damn rare for me to find a place to eat where I really like the food. I mean, really like the food. I found it though at this place, G Burger, in my hometown!

 G Burger is ran by a Greek family that just really knows what they are doing. All the ingredients are fresh and natural and are in jars like these that line the counters and cases for all to see.

 And the funny thing is that the one thing that I love eating there is not hamburgers, but instead something relatively healthy (GASP!!! I know!)-their Chicken Caesar Salad.

 It's pretty darned natural. The chicken is grilled, the croutons are baked on site, freshly grated cheese and capers are also on the salad too. The dressing is also made on site and is good too. I just love this salad! Better than that, I can call from home to order it and go pick it up. It's on the other end of town from my parents house, which means it's closer to my home.

 Doesn't it look good too?

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