Monday, October 17, 2011

I did WHAT at what hour of the morning??

 I can't believe I did it. I answered work emails at 5:30 this morning!

 Yes, you may all fall over in shock. I actually did something work related that damn early in the morning! I know! I got up then for some odd reason and thought what the hell, why not answer emails since I'm awake anyway? So, I replied to work emails and went back to bed.

 I would have thought that was crazy a few years ago. After all, today is my day off from that job, so therefore, that means not thinking about them today. Right? Not when you enjoy what you do.

 I think being an independent contractor is a very good fit right now in my life. I actually enjoy what I do-and I guess it kind of shows if I actually am crazy enough to answer my emails at 5 friggin 30 in the morning and on a day off too! I truly didn't mind answering these emails then. Wow! Change from a few years ago? Um, yeah!

 I guess when you are working at something that is a good fit for you, it shows. And that is good.

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