Sunday, November 27, 2011

tag, tag, everywhere a tag.......

 One of the things I've missed with the collapse of the economy is making these at Christmas time:

 Yep, Christmas gift tags. I know I mentioned in my previous post that I have to choose a new reality when it comes to celebrating the holidays. That includes the enjoyable, such as making these again. I like this Christmas tradition, so here I am again!

 I've experimented a lot on these suckers through the years, selling a lot of them at work and also to neighbors. Craft fairs were pretty profitable for me also. I pulled back in recent years due to the economy though, which slightly saddened me because I love to create things by hand. People would buy these en mass before the economy tanked, but after that, they would walk right by them at a craft fair and pick one up, gasp, say "OH! HOW CUUUUUTE," put it down and walk on. This happened so often that I simply quit selling them.

 It wasn't until recently while at work that I heard that someone did fairly well at a major craft fair in my area. I was also given a different idea by a neighbor that was quite a good suggestion. One of my neighbors followed through on the Facebook handmade challenge at the beginning of the year (and also reminded me to get my own hand made items out in the mail from that challenge) and suggested something to me as we were chatting after giving me the gorgeous scarf he knitted.

 Why don't you mass produce all of the same kind of tags and sell them in packets?

 DUH!!!! Why didn't I think of that before? Those that I have sitting in bins pictured above will of course be in a separate container for people to pick through, but otherwise, I'll take that suggestion to heart-and continue cutting out more tags.

 And hopefully this year, I'll hear cha-ching!

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  1. I used to have a crapload of tags(not handmade), but I do not know where they all went and I was wrapping presents for me and TJ the other night and the only ones I had were the ones from you that I recycle!!