Saturday, October 12, 2013

A real, moving God....

 For those of you who don't know, I've been in dream mode for the last 2-5 years. Lol.

 I got laid off from my escrow job 5 years ago and used the opportunity to turn things around in my life. My escrow job paid decently and had great insurance. I was able to do a lot financially during my time there. Without going into great detail though, I really feel that God moved in my life when I got laid off from there.

 Which, in between temp jobs, began my freelancing career.

 God has really moved in my life during these past 5 years. I feel that he restored some lost time in my life and moved me forward in many areas of my life.

 And now that it looks like I may have a real, full-time job, I look back and am grateful to these past 5 years. I'm grateful to the people I've met. I'm grateful for the leaps of faith I've taken. Hell, I'm even grateful for the stupid mistakes I've made.

 Thank you, Father God, for these past 5 years. May the next 5 be even better!

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