Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nothing to really discuss

 So, I have nothing to really talk about from last week. Life went along as usual.

 I took a neighbor to LAX. Ooh, thrilling. That's an airport that I normally avoid, but if you hit it during the week in the morning, it's not too bad.

 I'm also babysitting a cute Basset Hound named Lucy.

Lucy is a rescue doggy too. Her foster parents are on vacation until next week, so she and I have been hanging out this week. She's 11 years old, so she's not a fast walker-and unfortunately has peed in here a few times during the night. :( Thank goodness I have tile is all I'll say about it....

 I felt like picking Lucy up from her foster home :) in San Diego and enjoyed the drive there and back immensely. I didn't realize how nice the rest stop on the way back was! 

 The rest stops have views where you can look out at the ocean. I guess the state found money to redo these rest stops? 

 As for the job front, I'm in the top 3 for a position at a mortgage company where I'd be a communications coordinator. I also have an interview with Kaiser Permanente for a position that pays well. I'm kind of hoping I get the position with Kaiser. We'll see what happens though. 

 And so, that's my update. I have a Halloween party this evening that I'm trying to figure out my costume for! Will post after the party! 

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