Friday, January 9, 2015

Ringing in the new year, with a blech....

 I wish I could say my new year was spent fantabulously. Hahahaha. It was spent in bed adjusting to one of my new meds and getting off another one.... I could not believe how tired and weighted down I felt! Fortunately I figured out that I need to take them before bed and all was well after that! (Granted, I'm still adjusting, but all is pretty much well.)

 Otherwise, the new year has gotten off to a good start. I was happy that I finally got my day planner from ABM in the mail! (My fault) This thing is great! I love the colors and it's super nice!

 It actually seemed like Winter here at the start of the new year, as it was freezing in Southern California. Let me repeat that. FREEZING!!!! We got down to the 40s during the day and the 30s at night in some areas. Snow was even projected in some areas! Other parts of the country laughed at us and called us cute that we were worried about a dusting of snow. People were actually rescued from their cars when the snow dusted in the hills! :)

 And then, the polar vortex hit the rest of the country and we got nice weather again. I took a pic to possibly show friends in other areas of the country. (Not like they'd be annoyed or anything....)

No snow...We're just blurry and cold for Southern California :) 
 And I went to my church's women's bible study yesterday morning before getting work done. It was really nice! I unknowingly sat at a table with someone I knew when I was in a single's group at Eastside Christian! It's funny, considering that she and her hubby have been married 11 years and are going to be having baby #5 really soon!


A nice centerpiece on the food table

 And now, may I, the weather wimp of Southern California, get used to this 60 degree weather!

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