Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Rest of January...

 Let's see, last time I updated you on my life here in Southern California, we were freezing. Now we've had a mixture of 80 degree days and rainy days while a lot of the country is buried in snow. I'll take a little bit of rain over that, thanks! :)

 My church celebrated their 10th anniversary later in the month. I helped out putting together some balloon displays on the main stage. They all popped by the time I went to the last service the next day!!!! (Exclamation marks=frustration) I had to shake my head that it was two hours of my time that I couldn't even sit and admire my joint handiwork during the service! Oh well. I had to laugh when I saw the remainder balloons floating around during the service, as we had an opinion giver during the balloon assembly time come in before I had to go who really began to slow us down. I kept thinking, "It's balloons, lady. Let's just get it done." Aaaand, they popped...

One of the balloon displays on the main stage that I couldn't admire the next day...

Chandeliers got added in the sanctuary for the weekend services only.

 I've really begun to think a lot about my goals for the year. I really need to move forward in many different areas. I've been praying about it. Now it's time to do my part.

 Let the rest of the year begin!

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