Monday, February 23, 2015

Another reason why you shouldn't see Fifty Shades of Grey

The temperature in a room full of women rises as soon as the title is mentioned. I never knew there were so many kinky women out there!

 Fifty Shades of Grey, the story of Christian Grey, a powerful, wealthy businessman who meets his future wife, Anastasia Steele and embarks on lots of sex with her. Some of it is kinky, some isn't. I pretty much summarized all three books. :)

 My former roommate is against anyone seeing the movie. I would agree with her that unless you're into S&M that you're wasting your time. (I read all three books. Don't judge...) I would also take a similar view.

 This isn't spoken about frequently, but people don't realize that Christian was a victim of child molestation. These books weren't simply about kinky sex. They were about a grown man trying to heal from being abandoned by his biological, drug addict mother and also mainly the abuse heaped upon him as a teenager by his adopted mother's friend who was, coincidentally, into S&M.

 Now I do believe that we should leave consenting adults alone in the bedroom. If they want to swing from the chandeliers in private and do other kinky things, go right ahead, as long as I don't see it.

 Honestly though, if the movie is anything like the book(s), this is about glorifying child molestation. This isn't about consenting adults being kinky. It's about a troubled man in therapy due to his childhood issues trying to inflict pain on women.

 That's it!

 Why would anyone want to support that?

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