Saturday, February 14, 2015

The month of love begins with...death?

 February began on a not-so-hot note when a friend's mom passed away. I also learned that my next door neighbor, who has been fighting cancer for almost two years, is now considered terminal. I know that her hope is in the Lord and not on earth, but it is still sad to see. She's a good neighbor and a good person who is going out in a sad way.

 The weather has also been phenomenal here in Southern California. There have been a few days of incredibly light drizzling, which have now turned into pretty warm weather. We're getting some blooms on trees even though Spring isn't for another month yet.

 My new Life Group also began this month. We had the kick off at church a few weeks ago. This series is really good. It talks about Breathing Room and boundaries in our lives. (SO needed! So, so, so needed!) I like this group. The people in it seem really great.

 My church started some classes that aren't required for membership but are good to take as their four core ones. I've already taken the membership one (of course) and the spiritual maturity class. I took the volunteering at church class and the leadership class to complete the four core ones this month. I had a disagreement with the pastor running the class though which makes me wonder if I need to rethink some things about being a member at this church. I'm praying on it.

 I also came to some realizations about some things in my life that I need to change. One being my weight. I started weight loss classes with my medical group. I'm reading through the book needed for the class and have to now get 150 minutes per week of exercise. What a step up!

 Happy Love Day to all! 

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