Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's gonna be a bright (bright) rest of the month....

 The last half of February ended up beginning on a happier note than the first half.

 Weight loss class began, and I was confused.  Weight Watchers tells you what to do to lose weight. I've even been in medically supervised weight loss classes that literally GIVE you what to eat. This class gives you a book, but it's only a reference and not something required for the class. What the heck do I do then? So, I had to chat with the registered dietitian running the class. Things got better afterwords. Yes, the super low cost drew me in, but I would have been beyond confused had I not spoken up. The class is pretty good. I really like it that it focuses from the beginning on teaching how to eat. I've been great about timing when I eat, which I think helps keep me in control. So far I've lost a few pounds!

 My mom turned 77 this month. We went to dinner to celebrate and my dad got her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. One thing kind of made me sad about the day, which I won't say.

 My friend Chris decided to start a knitting/crochet group at her church. She has a ton of yarn, so all I had to do was find my crochet needles and go. It was good to sit and talk to her. I seriously can't believe that I still remember how to crochet. I learned when I was seven when my Nana taught me one afternoon.

My church also had a conference late in the month. They had a few REALLY great speakers (I mean really great) and workshops to take. I served this year as my admission ticket and probably got more out of it by doing so. You tend to appreciate the event more when you're throwing table cloths on tables and packaging event t-shirts.

One of the pub tables decorated 

We had a cross in the sanctuary before, of course. A new one though just got hung up for the weekend. 

Worship time

 The weather here has been almost bipolar. We've had a grand total of half an inch of rain for the month (according to the university near me's weather station), yet have also had incredibly hot weather also. I mean HOT. Like turn on the air conditioner hot! Yes, that hot for February. Very strange!

 May next month be awesome! 

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