Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The good and the bad of March

 March was quite a dramatic month! With deaths, hospitalizations and everything else in between, we certainly weren't bored! Here is the good and bad of the month:

 The Good: 

  •  Church conference ended. Did I mention how great our conference was this year?

  •   We had rain, which was a drizzle, yet the weather also reached 100 degrees the majority of days this month. Many of you in other states would have been jealous. Then again, we're in a major drought, so take it as you wish. Our sunshine = no water for us.

 An editorial in the LA Times this month actually painted a pretty dire picture for those of us in Southern California if we don't get a ton of rain soon. We apparently only have a year of reserves left for water. California also has no contingency plan in place after that water runs out. A response came a few days later though. Apparently the state has plenty of groundwater to keep us going for a long time.

  •  Spring has also sprung around here, with more blooms happening. It's a happy, happy thing.

  •  I got some good news medically for an issue that was discovered last year. I only need to go in once every six months for a check now! Woohoo!!! This made me incredibly happy. 
  •  I also ended up meeting some distant relatives this month. It blew us all away when we realized my great-grandfather and their great-grandfather were first cousins! I'm now Facebook friends with one of them. 
  • One of my cousins is pregnant with her first child and due in late June! (I don't know why I found out so late...) 
  • I went to see the Titan Arum, otherwise known as the corpse flower, at the local university by me. When it blooms, the flower literally smelled like death if you stood in the right spot. The flower only blooms for a few days at a time, once every few years. 

  • I had a job interview. It sounded like a really interesting company and also an interesting job. We'll see what happens. 

The Bad

  •  I got a head cold for a few days. Fun stuff! I probably exchanged some germs at church during the conference, as some people a week later at church sounded about as fun as me.
  • Three people also died this month. Yes, three. A friend of my parents, my next door neighbor and an acquaintance who was friends with my sister all passed away within a week of each other. The deaths of all three were not a surprise, but were still sad. I'll miss my neighbor. She was a good person and a fantastic neighbor. I only hope my next neighbor is as nice as her.
  •  And my mom ended up in the hospital overnight. Our local emergency room was incredibly packed when I took her. It was terrible! But hey, I got to see this gorgeous piece of artwork on the second level of a stairwell! :) The arts program in the elementary school district made it. I think it's amazing!

 Mom's hospital stay and the three deaths all happened during the same week. That was not a good week.

  • The car had another issue again. This time, the starter went out the day before my interview. My car is about 13 years old. I've driven the hell out of it. If I could afford to, it'd be junked. I can't afford to right now and my parents refuse to help me purchase a new car. I told them that one of the prerequisites of having a job is to have reliable transportation. I told her I'd probably be borrowing their low mileage cars quite frequently to get to work. They don't mind that, but I can only imagine how any job will handle it if I constantly have issues with my car. Praying on it! 

 I hope next month is more positive!

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