Saturday, April 30, 2016

April recap

Things came to an end and a new beginning in April. I finally was able to go into my garage April 1st. Words can't express how happy I was that I could actually park in there!

 My next door neighbor has been battling with the association to not park in her garage ever since she moved in last year. She tried to rope me in to do her dirty work, but I stood my ground. It wasn't easy, but I had to do it. Of course, standing my ground meant an argument. Oh well...

 Someone took a leave of absence at work, so I was moved to a different department since I had the experience to handle the job. A few of us were actually switched around when that happened. I have to admit that since I've only been at my job such a short time that I immediately had thoughts that they didn't like me in my last department, yada yada. Blessings come in many different ways though, as this position is a little higher up and I enjoy it a bit more. We'll see what happens though when the person on leave comes back. What matters is that I enjoy learning something new, which I'm doing now.

 My former neighbors Jerry and Danny got married April 9th. I was invited to the wedding. I cringed a little when I got invited, thinking that this was my first gay wedding. As a Christian, I knew I shouldn't go. How do you tell your really awesome former neighbors that though? These are two good guys. So, I went. It was a really, really nice wedding. The ceremony was at Wayfarer's Chapel and the reception was nearby at a community center. It was a fun reception! Did I feel that they were perverting the word of God at the wedding though? Yes, unfortunately I did....

 I also went to Mission San Gabriel the next weekend for something to do. It was cool. I went there once for a field trip when I was in 4th grade, and it was interesting to go back. Ironically, I know someone whose kids go to the same elementary school I did, and they don't visit that mission now for the life of them, which is sad. True, it's not in the best area, but kids are missing out by not experiencing life outside their bubble.

The beautiful playhouse next door to the mission.

Detail at the playhouse

The original pulpit in the mission-from the 1700s! 

This altar blew my mind. It was gorgeous! 

 I also learned this month of two people I know being diagnosed with colon cancer. One being a former boss and the other a neighbor down the street from my parents. That is what my dad's cousin died from this past January, so I'll be interested to know what stage they both are. Ironically, both of them are around the same age as my dad's cousin...

And so, that was my month. Onto May! 

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