Sunday, October 2, 2016

September recap

September began with cooler temperatures. Not for long though! The humidity had to set in!

 This was the medical test month! I had an MRI done of a mass on my back that prompted a cancer scare 6 years ago. I'm happy to say that it's still not cancer. :) I'm going to talk to a vascular surgeon about removing the mass but haven't made up my mind entirely yet. It's apparently not an urgent matter according to the general surgeon who ordered the MRI.

 The MRI did unfortunately find an issue with my spleen that I had to get a CT-scan for. I'll find out the results this coming week.

The contrast I had to drink before the test

 I also had my mammogram done this month. I have to get a diagnostic mammogram done in about a week along with an ultrasound on the other breast. I'm not worried about it as I'm good about getting my yearly mammogram done, so I know that if anything is found, it's minor.

 My volunteering changed at church.I'm now helping out in the kids ministry and also helping with social media.

 Family came to visit during the last week of the month. We did our usual dinner trip to El Cholo's. It was good to see everyone.

I had fajitas :) 

Cutie pie Emma

My cousin and her daughter


 I also may finally be able to quit my job, as I just had a job interview that went well. I'll know the results this week.

 I wish I could say that September was chock full o' fun, but that wasn't the case. Onto October though!

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