Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The first two weeks....

 I'm going to experiment here with more postings. Being consistent with it may be another story!

 The new year began very uneventfully. I made my usual cleaning  resolution and am making some progress towards it. Having the internet/TV service guy come out kind of expedited the need to not feel embarrassed about a messy home....

 My internet and TV went out for about a week. I got upset when my internet/cable service didn't show up for their appointment. I cancelled an appointment to stay home, which is why I was not happy. I got a pleasant surprise though when I called to complain. I had a nice credit in my next bill! The problem ended up being a bad modem, which meant not having to pay a service fee for them coming out since it was a defective product. Double score! :)

 I also had to renew my license. I had to retake the written test this time due to a ticket I got a few years ago. I tried just simply going down to the DMV on a day I had nothing to do. The DMV in my city had people standing outside when I drove up. It was raining that day, so I obviously wanted to avoid that. I had heard from a Facebook friend that a nearby DMV only handled drivers licenses, so I went there. No one was standing outside in the rain when I drove up, which was a big plus. However, the wait without an appointment was three and-a-half hours. I brought a library book with me and was almost done with it by the time they finally called my number. I was so happy when I finally left!

 I hate to say it, but my elderly father has been starting arguments with me this month over nothing. One was about whether I should pay my car registration in person or by mailing it in. He screamed at me at the top of his lungs when I disagreed with him. Another one was when we were out together running an errand and I explained something to an employee of the store we were at, which had him enraged because I contradicted him. He was wrong and I wanted to give accurate information. He really yelled. A friend who is a nurse has given me some resources on how to combat this, but I think it won't be simple. Family members have offered to help, and I will start calling them in. I can't be the only one handling this. It is exhausting. I mean really exhausting.

 On the medical front, I've only had one test. I know, shocking! It was a Pulmonary Function Test, which showed I have no breathing problems. I snapped this photo of the wall art while I waited to be called in. That's one thing I like about the medical group I'm in. They have really great art. Weird, I know, but it's nice to look at while you wait to see the doctor.

  I'm sure the rest of the month will be just as exciting. Haha.

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