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  Welcome to the blog home of me, Kim.

 I'm somewhat of an anomaly, right smack dab in what this author calls Otherhood, which I don't want to be but am. I don't refer to myself as an anomaly to talk down to myself but speak the truth. I'm 39, never been married and am childless.

 And have now told the world about it. :)

 I'm going to be vague about a lot here because I share so much personal information. I've been open about my struggles with depression and anxiety, which I believe come from my diagnosis of a pituitary adenoma in 2012. I don't know if I believe that though. After all, the pituitary gland regulates a lot.

 I'm open about my struggles on here because I think it's okay to talk about them to help others and maybe even learn a thing or two in the process. Granted, I don't want future employers finding this and thinking I'm some mental case, which is why I'll try to be as vague as possible about who I am.

 I don't share everything though. I've learned to shut it about my health and haven't told a lot of people about my adenoma until recently. People nod, say "uh huh" and think I'm fine or being overly dramatic. When I told someone recently that an adenoma is considered a brain tumor (After all, a neurosurgeon removes them if they're big), they look puzzled, make a comment that I look okay and probably think I'm lying. I'll spare myself the drama, thank you very much...

I'm more than my many issues though. I'm a human being with many good traits, hobbies, a job, a faith in the Lord of all and a life. I'll be sharing a lot of them with you. Promise.

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