Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project Life-a new way to scrapbook

 I've always liked Becky Higgins. She's an absolute genius in my book. From her scrapbook sketches to Project Life, she never ceases to amaze me. NEVER.

 I've loved to scrapbook for almost 14 years now. The desire has waned over the past few years though for many reasons. It's expensive, I don't want to spend all that time putting pages together. And on and on......

 I've followed Becky's blog for awhile now and saw Project Life when it came out and thought she had to be joking. A photo a day? Um, yeah, nooooo. A layout a week? Bite me. Something changed for me this year though. I began to see the genius behind it.

 And I got it for a Christmas present. I. LOVE. IT.

 First of all, this is the cheaper way to go when scrapbooking memories. It probably cost $150 for everything at most. FOR THE YEAR. Album, page protectors, journaling box. You're good for supplies for the year with Project Life!

 And I've started in with tracking memories. See how easy it is? You get the photos back, slip them in and do the journaling cards and voila...DONE!

 For the record, I don't take a picture a day or do a layout a week. I chronicle by the month. I think it's more practical that way because I personally don't believe I have something poignant to say each week, nor do I have the time to say it!

 But it's fun nonetheless!

 You can also include memorabilia in these page protectors too.  How fast and convenient is this??? I love it!

  I didn't mean for this to be an advertisement for Becky Higgins, but dang, I really love Project Life!


  1. If TJ goes overseas again I am going to do this while he is gone. Yours is looking really good. What journaling pack style did you choose?

  2. I got the Amber edition. It's very girly with lots of flowers and pink. Your hubby may like another edition. :)