Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthdays, Stateline and realizations...

 So it was my mom's birthday Friday. She turned 74. My parents and I went out to dinner at The Cat and Custard Cup. It was fantastic as usual. My dad and I got her a sweet birthday gift.

 And then, I woke up late yesterday to go on a turnaround to Stateline. My friend's son's booster club at school did this trip as a fundraiser to help send kids to Washington, D.C. My friend organized the trip. I'm a veteran of these turnarounds. I've gone on 3 of them-which always seems to be with my friend! They're fun, but honestly, I enjoyed the outlet shopping far more than the gambling this time-even though I did win. :)

 I won playing blackout bingo on the bus...

 I also won on the slots too. Total: $185. :) The miracle is that I didn't spend it all at the outlet mall there. There were absolutely fantastic deals there this weekend, so I got myself a new pair of jeans, which were sadly needed-and were 60 percent off! Yay!!! The Williams Sonoma Outlet also had a 60 percent off sale going on too, so I got myself some cooking supplies that I've been lacking. I love that store even though I normally can't afford to shop there. They build stuff to last.

  I wasn't too thrilled to go this time with my friend, even though it was for a good cause. I hated rolling out of bed that early to get on the bus, I actually had a pan handler ask me for money at Barstow and it seemed as if every group under the sun was also headed to Stateline. It was nuts how crowded it was! But hey, the outlet shopping was awesome and I won too, so it wasn't all that bad. :) And the buffet. Can't forget the buffet! Miss Ashley's at Buffalo Bill's is always very good.  

And now, for the realization that I mentioned in the title. Funny how clothes shopping brought it out. I'm obviously not the thinnest person in the world. I've noticed I've been gaining weight recently, and reality hit when I had to buy myself a new pair of jeans. OH. MY. GOD!   That realization was....

 Wait for it.......

 Holy Oh my Lord! I am too damn fat and have to lose weight!

 (I don't even want to tell you how much I've gained in 6 months.)

 And so, let the vigilance begin yet again. Let the weight loss begin again.



  1. They still have Miss Ashley's Buffet????????? Wow

  2. Oh yes they do. I think it's the most popular buffet there.