Tuesday, March 20, 2012

He loved it and other tales from my week....

 For those of you wondering, my friend's stepson loved the toy gun. That kid couldn't have thanked me more even if he tried! And of course my friend didn't care. She said he loves guns.

 Its been a good week so far! I went to a travelling museum at Tri-City Park in Placentia. It was called "The Wall That Heals," which was a replica of the wall at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington, DC. This exhibit also had a trailer that had museum quality displays of artifacts people have left at the wall in DC through the years. Very touching.

The battlefield cross

The replica wall at the exhibit; 280 feet and shaped like a chevron

A sea of flags leading up to the exhibit

Museum exhibit in a trailer; very cool exhibit of things people have left at the wall through the years
  One of my cousins also had her baby on St. Patrick's Day! She'd probably kill me if I showed the world the picture of her looking stoned after her C-section (This kid was almost 10 pounds! In no way could she have had him naturally.), so I'll show you this cute one.

Awwww! :) One of my cousins joked though that her brother-in-law had to use adult sized sheets to swaddle him. ;)

It's funny how the day after the little guy's birth I got a call from an old friend letting me know about her mom's passing. To everything there is a season. My friend's mom had not been in the best of health these past few years (to put it mildly), so at least she's with God.

 I hope you all had an equally good week!

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  1. That is really cool.

    message me later and I will update you on some news I heard about various family members from my aunt. I am so out of the loop with my mom gone and living so far away :(