Saturday, March 10, 2012

Warning: Gun Haterz, don't read this post!

  This, dear readers, is a gun.

 I mean, I know, it's not a real one. It's a Star Wars General Grievous BLASTER! It fires projectiles! So that makes it cooler than a real gun. ;)

 A friend of well over 10 years is now a step-mom. Her step-son is turning 7 tomorrow and she invited me to the family party they're holding for him. I swear it was karma when I was on the phone with her at Toys R Us asking what the kid likes. The Star Wars aisle was right in front of me as she told me that if it's Star Wars, he'll like it. She said he loves figurines and will play with them non-stop. Would you believe 1 of them was as much as this beautiful gun?! The gun was on sale, so that's what the kid's getting tomorrow.

 Now I know what some of you are thinking. Why don't you ask if your friend is okay with you getting her kid a toy gun? Will your friend kill you when she sees the toy gun? Does your friend believe violence is bad? Will she throw this thing out after you leave?

 My answer? No, she's not against boys being boys and playing with guns. She may be royally pissed when he's shooting things in the house (which I didn't think of-woops) or the dogs though. But that's easily taken care of. And I will kill her if she throws this out.

 I see nothing wrong with getting a kid a toy gun. I think we as a society need to think about how we're raising our boys if we're restricting them from being boys. Playing with toy guns is fine by me!

 And lookie how I wrapped said gun. ;)  I invested in another roll of wrapping paper so I can actually prove to the world that I wrap presents more often than just Christmas. ;) I didn't feel like making another tag for the kid, so I found a random one to use. The damn thing doesn't match and I don't care. Nope. Not at all.

  Guns look pretty wrapped, don't they? ;)

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