Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh yeah, I should probably post!

 Sorry I've been in the dark lately. I've been busy with doctor's appointments-not only with me, but my mom also. If it isn't enough that I may have breast cancer, my mom has a nodule on her lung that she's seeing a specialist for. Cancer marker tests have so far come out negative though, praise God. My family knows how to have fun. We just head to the doctor's office!

 As for my issue, I had my first mammogram a few weeks ago. Ouch! :( It's doable, but I still say OUCH! That came back completely fine. I will have to repeat the breast ultrasound in a few weeks though, as the doctors want to monitor changes in the breast since the first ultrasound. Since the first ultrasound didn't conclusively show what was in the ducts (it's either debris or ductal papillomas), they want to conclusively determine what it is this time. If it's debris, the breast surgeon will leave me alone. If it's ductal papillomas, I'll be getting an excisional biopsy. (Wires! Ouch!)  That needs to be done because in a small percentage of cases, what tests showed to be a ductal papilloma is actually Stage 0 cancer, or beginning stage cancer.

 I could kiss the breast surgeon though. She had me do some blood work because my breast ducts are completely open, which should not be happening unless I'm pregnant and/or nursing. Almost any other time suggests a tumor in the pituitary gland. The blood work came back elevated, so she had me repeat it. If this test is also elevated, I'll need to get a brain MRI. I wanted to kiss her after Googling pituitary tumor, otherwise known as a pituitary adenoma. This explains a lot. I want to look into this further, even if this blood test comes back fine.

 And so, that's what's happening with me medically. Stay tuned for funner posts coming up soon!

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