Tuesday, August 21, 2012

answers aweigh......

 As I sit here at the computer, I look over the first round of blood tests released to me online. They all look normal, except for one test. The doctor prescribed medication for me at my last appointment, but I have to hold off picking it up until he gets a certain blood test back and can look at it. He needs to let me know soon, because I'm not spending money on this medication unless I hear otherwise! You have to be an advocate for your own healthcare. I advocate=I don't spend money. :)

  The doctor thinks I could simply have PCOS, which doctors have said to me for years. I'll admit that I'm tired lately too. So, it'll be good to get answers and move forward.

 I have an appointment tomorrow with an oncologist to discuss getting on Tamoxifen. I'm not thrilled about it and have had a few people tell me horror stories about it. The breast surgeon said it wouldn't hurt to discuss it with the oncologist, and I agreed. It's going to be more than likely though that I'll walk out of there without a prescription.

 In other news, I took some more pictures of another site that I wrote about. This is in Huntington Beach and is called Newland House and Barn. No views of the ocean though even though it's 2 miles from the beach. :( Despite that though, I really liked it.

The cute house
And the barn in back

 This is a beyond cute site that I personally think would make a good party or wedding location.

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