Thursday, August 16, 2012

chugging along....

 I'm just chugging along this week. I finally had my appointment with the endocrinologist today. The man had the personality of the chair he was sitting on. (I act like that when I wake up in the morning but always perk up, lol.) I'll be doing a lot of blood work tomorrow morning though. He said that he thinks it's a pituitary gland tumor also that I can probably just get on medication for. I need to ask him at my next appointment if this is now a lifetime commitment. :)

 I went to Knott's recently for freelance writing purposes and had some fun with taking pictures at the Church of Reflections on site there.

 The church now sits in a fenced off area that they've landscaped beautifully. It's amazing to find this at Knott's Berry Farm.

 I've also been thinking a lot this week about work. Money, money, money!

 I hope you all had a good week this week. Will check back with you next week! 

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