Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I smile 'cuz I'm happy...

 I just got home from the breast surgeon's and am happy to report that the biopsy came back showing no signs of breast cancer! Yippeeee! However, the biopsy showed that the cells contained atypical ductal hyperplasia. Because of this, the breast surgeon will now monitor me once every 6 months, which means I'll see her twice a year and also have a breast MRI done once a year to monitor changes. With lifestyle changes of weight loss and exercise being added in to lower my risk, I'm confident that this will be just a minor thing to have to see her twice a year.

 With that good news though, the MRI did show a problem in my pituitary gland. A pituitary adenoma was possibly found. The reason why I say possibly is because I guess I moved during the MRI. (Woops...) I have an appointment to see an endocrinologist in a few weeks to figure out why (as the surgeon put it) I'm such a hormonal mess. He and the breast surgeon are going to figure out when the MRI will be repeated and also if I'll need to see a neurologist. This is so small that I can probably just get on medication to put me back on the hormonal track, apparently. This could also be PCOS too, apparently.

 So, the medical community still needs to figure out a lot about me. I'm relieved though to know that I don't have cancer and that everything else is probably treatable. 

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