Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fun stuff :(

 To say it hasn't been the most pleasant week would be an understatement.

 First of all, I'm getting over a cold that seems to have affected friends and relatives of mine near and far.  Robyn had the same cold. A cousin who lives an hour away from me also got it.

 My computer also decided to quit working yesterday. (I'm typing this at my local library.) The electric company did a planned power outage yesterday, and even though I have power surge protectors and the like, the computer decided to not turn on after the electric company turned the power back on. It will be fixed tomorrow. The library is a nice resource, but I miss my home computer! Plus, I'm missing time looking for a job, as my resume, cover letter and record of where I've searched is on said computer.

 And so, that's what has been happening with me this week. It's not catastrophic by any mean but still isn't fun.

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