Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Energy blahs

 I don't know what's going on this week, but I feel...blech.

 I have a better name for it though. I like to call it the "energy blahs." I feel "blah" and I have no energy. There.

  I don't like it. I feel zapped of energy and am not getting things done. Blah.

  I think this is probably happening due to my period coming in a few days. I know that when I started the round of endocrinologists last year, the first one told me after looking at some blood work that my estrogen dropped lower than normal (for the average woman) before my periods. I've read that can mean fatigue and no concentration levels. Blah...

 There is positive news from this week though. A company that I had a phone interview with asked to see samples of my work before calling me in for an actual interview in the office. Wahooo! Aaaaand, I pick up my computer tomorrow from the computer hospital to bring home! Picture capabilities again. Yayyyyy!

 I guess the energy blahs pale in comparison. :)

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