Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The stuff California kids dream of

 I wanted a pool when I was a little kid.

 It just seemed right being the native Californian that I am. After all, some friends parents had pools. And that was cool.  Nah though, my parents said. Even though their backyard could absolutely handle a pool, they didn't want one. I remember once when they considered moving that they found a house with a pool and my dad said the unthinkable.

 "We can fill it in if we buy it."


 And I was in 7th heaven when I moved to my condo. Other places I had lived as an adult had no pool. That is, until now....

 Houston, we have a pool!

 I was in the pool constantly the first summer I lived at this complex. I remember joking with my sister that I have my pool, life is complete!

 Forget the spa, even though it's nice if you want to kick back with a beer......

 Forget the spa, but leave the pool! These three months of the year where I can actually use an unheated heated pool are great! :)

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