Sunday, May 26, 2013

Technology issues

My desk has looked like this for the past month. My mom's laptop sits in front of my nice new monitor. It's frustrating, because it seems as if one thing isn't wrong with my computer, it's something else.

 My personal computer is 7 years old, so I know it's time to think about upgrading. I've honestly never had problems with it though before now. Edison did a planned power outage in my general area last month, and dummy me didn't unplug my computer while that was going on. My old power surge protector didn't protect the computer when the power turned back on, so that meant a new power supply.

 And motherboard decided to poop out. :( At first I thought it was just my old, antiquated monitor dying on me. My nice new monitor proved otherwise. The new motherboard is on its way. Love EBay....

 Once that's installed though, I don't want anymore issues until I'm ready to buy a new computer. Please God????

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