Sunday, May 12, 2013

Art with an agenda....

 I'll be up front and tell you that I have a lot of gay neighbors. Probably 20. I live in a condominium complex and probably have an unusual ratio of gay-to-straight neighbors compared to the average person.

 I'm friends with 2 gay couples here. I've shared many a beer with Sally and her partner Deanne and was touched beyond belief when my neighbor Jerry gave me one of the scarves he knitted a few Christmases ago. I consider these people good friends.

 With that being said, I am a practicing Christian who would not practice this lifestyle. I don't hate anyone for doing so but follow God's word on the matter.

 The gay lifestyle doesn't phase me anymore though since I moved into this complex 7 years ago, which is why I was fine with going to a local art show that I covered for a Web site I freelance write for. I will admit that I probably would have boycotted this show at one time in my life due to my religious beliefs. I'll say it again-The lifestyle doesn't phase me anymore.

 The show was called "Art with an Agenda" and was art work for marriage equality. The artwork was great quality and even included a piece from the woman who played Cindy Brady on the Brady Bunch. (I thought of you, Robyn, when I saw her piece!)

 Enjoy the photos and feel free to respectfully comment:

The Cindy Brady portrait, Robyn :) 

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