Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gathering of the Crosses

 The cul de sac behind my parents house is pretty active. At one time they held New Year's Eve parties (they may still-I don't know as I don't live one street away anymore :) ). A house on that cul de sac is also very active each Memorial Day weekend. It's a wonderful tradition called The Gathering of the Crosses.

 The Gathering of the Crosses is literally crosses showing how many soldiers from Orange County have been killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan since we invaded both countries. A picture of each soldier killed in action is placed on each cross with other information, including the city they were from.

 Since I had dinner with my parents yesterday, I decided to go with my dad yesterday on his evening walk  with their dog to show him this display. He enjoyed it, of course. I, too, love it when people make the effort to do something unique to show respect to this country.

 And Honey was respectful. :)


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