Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Biscuit...aka, what it must be like raising kids

 So I got this idea that instead of getting a dog that I'd have to pay vet bills for, I'd foster one instead. All I'd have to pay for is the dog food and walk him or her and all would be well. I'll get a cute little (bwahaha) Basset Hound and all will be well.

 All I can say after one day with my foster dog, Biscuit, is that this is what it must be like to raise children!

 First of all, ya never know what you're going to get with kids, as I didn't know here. Perhaps I should have researched more because, um,  Basset Hounds are friggin huge! They're docile, but HUGE! Did I mention they're huge?? Don't let my arm blocking the above pic fool you! My sweet foster is a huge boy! HUGE!

 Aaaand, like raising children, this dog needs guidance. Specifically, how to let me walk him instead of the other way around. I've never had a 60-pound dog (which is what I think he weighs) walk me before. Guess who will be training him? Yep, yours truly.

 Maybe I didn't think this through enough? ;) Until then though, enjoy pictures of Biscuit's cuteness.

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