Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mood stuff

 So I've figured something out.

 When I exercise, I feel better. It's a simple equation, but never an easy one for me to put into place. Why?

 I'm trying to figure that one out. It could be habit. It could be other things. I'm trying to figure that one out though.

 All I can tell you is that since it's summer, I'm swimming more frequently and can tell you that my mood gets exponentially better from the time before I swim to after swimming. No antidepressants needed here! (Granted, there's nothing wrong with taking them and don't want to discourage a person in dire straights from taking them. I'd like to suggest exercise also though.)

 And my lower back and hiney feel it too.....

 I need to take measurements and keep up the swimming over the summer. I'd love to see how many inches I can lose in 3 months.

 Now that would be a mood lifter.

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