Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rough around the edges

 I'll admit that this Thanksgiving was rough in some ways. I spent the day just with my parents, as is common now and made the corn bread stuffing recipe I first made last year, which was enjoyed. 

The cornbread stuffing

 It wasn't rough because my parents are aging. That's a part of life. I think it was rougher than usual because my family just doesn't seem to care about each other. I sent an email to my aunt wishing her and my uncle up North a Happy Thanksgiving and was ignored. She hasn't switched email addresses as far as I know and the email went through. I think I was ignored because of an opinion I told my mom, which she shared with my aunt. Oh well, it happens. I just thought it was sad. I certainly didn't mean to start anything and am sad my own aunt chose to ignore me. 

 Sometimes though, you have to remember that family isn't blood always. It's who you choose to have in your life. 

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