Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday merriment

 After all the negative, I wanted to post something positive. Yaaay!

 I love Christmas lights. I love creative Christmas scenery the best. This is one of the reasons why I like the city I live in. They have a wonderful display called Sparkle Balls that hangs from eucalyptus trees each year on a neighborhood street. The neighbors literally make them each year from Christmas lights out of a box and form them into balls to hang from their front yard trees. It's truly a pretty sight-which I can never get a decent picture of!

  I love seeing this street (and now the surrounding blocks) every year since being told about this street. It's a great thing to see neighbors come together to create something so beautiful.

And then, there's a tacky development that puts ginormous Santas on their front lawns and zillions of cars inhabit it each December, telling the impatient to turn their cars around each year and come at an earlier time.

 Yeah, it's festive, but it's bigger than the damn house... I call that scary Santa. What if scary Santa blows away? Would people be scared of scary, ginormous Santa?

And the grand finale is a tree of lights that sits atop a medical building in the city I was born in. My grandparents used to live fairly close to it, which meant we always had to go past it at Christmas with my mom saying to my sister and I, "Look, girls! It's a Christmas tree! Isn't it pretty?"

 Yes it is, Mom. Yes, it is. 

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