Sunday, December 1, 2013

Downtown Disney

 So my friend David and his family came to Southern California for Thanksgiving, which meant that I got to see my dear friend who now lives in Memphis! I tried to think where we could go for a day out and decided on Downtown Disney. Parking is free for up to 3 hours and you otherwise don't pay to enter it. Score!

 David offered to buy lunch when it came that time, so he wanted to check out the prices of some of the restaurants at Downtown Disney. After he stopped having a heart attack after looking at one menu, I told him that prices would drop in half if we went outside of Downtown Disney for lunch. We tried The Block of Orange Outlet Mall, which was packed. At that point, I told him we needed to drive a little ways down the road to Old Town Orange to Watson's Drug Store and Soda Fountain. This 114-year-old establishment is cute. We also had no issue finding parking and the prices were indeed much less than at Downtown Disney! 

 It was nice seeing my dear friend and hope I can see him again soon. 

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