Friday, August 22, 2014

Medical stuff and work mixed in.......

 Medical stuff is never fun-especially for me this year. I unfortunately had to have a repeat procedure this past week, which includes some trippy stuff along the way. Work got mixed in with that, which is always interesting. Payday is always good too. :)

 Read on for the fun stuff. Don't laugh either!

Saturday, August 16th-I spent most of the day straightening this place up. It looked terrible!

 There's a foundation in the city I live in that creates the most beautiful hearts to sell at an auction each year. (Don't ask how much they cost. Just don't...) The proceeds benefit arts programs in the local school district. Some of the hearts were on display at an art gallery that's fairly close to me, so I took a look.

 Yes, they were unique-and gorgeous to boot. 

 It was sickeningly hot today. I mean a yucky three digit temp. It was terrible to be outside. I ended up swimming later in the evening and ran into broken shoulder guy again and learned more about his life.

Sunday, August 17, 2014-Sunday dinner with the folks again! We splurged and got take out from Black Angus. That was possibly THE BEST steak sandwich I've ever had. I do mean EVER. I helped my dad with his statement shredding. He gets tired easily due to his congestive heart failure, so when he'd get tired, I'd step in and shred. He also attempted to help me out with the reason for my fix-it ticket-a burnt out break light. He got confused, so part two will happen after my procedure.

 I swam later in the evening because it was still very hot. Some annoying girls were in the pool while swimming and were loud after the pool closed. (my pet peeve) Fortunately they left before I had to go out and  politely tell them to shut up.

Monday, August 18, 2014-I got the lab work done for my procedure. I had a little bit of a wait, but not too bad.

 I did some editing of one of my social media profiles and put my last article up on two social media sites. I also wrote another article about what the next city council meeting will be about.

 I swam again because it was so hot I could melt.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014-Procedure day. Never fun, but has to be done. I got called to come in earlier than planned, which we did, but ended up waiting because the doctor had surgeries back to back. It was a repeat from a procedure six months ago, so it was much easier this time-and the doctor agreed.

 I spent the night with my parents due to anesthesia, so we ordered out again. El Ranchito it was! Always awesome. I had to laugh that my mom's favorite show is Married at First Sight.  She has been telling me for a few weeks how interesting she thinks it is. I never thought I'd see my 76-year-old mom liking a reality show! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014-I woke up early this morning and must have been a little stoned from what they gave me for my procedure. Without getting too TMI, I'll just say that I thought a rat was by me when it was only my bra stuck to my clothes. It's neutral colored. :) I screamed, I climbed something, I woke my mom up. I apologized and she went back to bed. She commented that the drugs were good....

 The brake light got fixed today.  Yippee. :)

 I'm also going to have to face the music about something that's unpleasant and two years old. I won't go into detail.

Thursday, August 21, 2014-I put my last article on social media today. It's interesting to see which mediums work best. Facebook is the top so far. I also gathered info for a new article.

 I also went to a focus group this afternoon. I got paid and got new business cards for my freelancing! Getting paid plus free stuff makes for a great afternoon! :)

Friday, August 22, 2014- The numbing shot the doctor gave me wore off today. :( I took my first pain killer for the procedure...

 I spoke to a city council member about a backpack drive she's holding in a week. There are a few going on in the city I live in, so it's going to become an article. I also looked at the local school board agenda for the meeting next week. Will put the article up tomorrow.

 Fun stuff this week. Can I get my work done next week and not pop any pain pills? Stay tuned! 

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