Saturday, August 16, 2014

Craptacular stuff....

 Some crappy stuff happened this week. Robin Williams committed suicide the day I got my fix-it ticket. (brake light out) I was also terribly, terribly sad to learn that a dog I fostered last year was returned to the rescue and euthanized. He was such a good little guy that it saddened me a lot to hear that he was aggressive and a biter. 

 Read on for the rest of my week: 

Saturday, August 9th-I spent the afternoon working on another freelance column about military families getting free access to museums this summer.

 I'm having to teach myself to think about activities for a day before committing to them. I tend to commit too quickly before really thinking if I want to go. I did that this evening, unfortunately. I was supposed to go to the fair and ended up arriving at the park and ride too late to get to the event at the fair. The park and ride is neat. I'll have to remember to use that the next time I want to go to the fair.

 I also swam again.

Sunday, August 10th-I really overslept today. I mean, it was ridiculous. I can blame the once again too hot weather, right? :)

 I met up with a friend and chatted with her for over an hour. It was nice to catch up. It was so freaking hot I had to hydrate!

 I had to swim. It was way too hot. My mommy got me a cover up to wear to the pool. I love it!  Broken shoulder guy also has a first name now. :)

 I also did some cleaning in the kitchen. I found some grocery bags that seriously had to be tossed. I mean had to.

Monday, August 11th-I gathered story ideas today before attending a meeting in the evening about a proposal before the city council to literally build out the city. I'll put the article up tomorrow, along with one about the city council candidates.

 A crappy thing happened today. I got a fix-it ticket. :(

 I was sad to hear of Robin Williams committing suicide today. Depression and bipolar depression are terrible and unfortunately had me thinking about my own episodes of depression. Post to come on that.

Tuesday, August 12th-Boy did I have a terrible time sleeping last night. It was so terrible that I overslept for a doctor's appointment. Fortunately though, they called to reschedule it for Friday.

 Today was jumbled up for me. I think I thought of my own depression issues yesterday and started to recover today.

 I swam and then put up another article about the city's impending city council elections.

Wednesday, August 13th-Today was my once a week job. I need to make some decisions about this shortly.

 I also started in on my reading for another article. Three-hundred pages....

 It was so hot again that I had to swim.

Thursday, August 14th-I spent a lot time reading city materials for the article I'll write tomorrow. Lots of reading!

 I was also sad to learn that one of my fosters, Biscuit, was sent back to the rescue and euthanized. I am terribly sad about that and cried over it. He was such a sweet guy. I wish I could have afforded to adopt him and have him run around on a nice piece of land somewhere. It wasn't the case though. He's happy at the bridge...

 It remained terribly hot today. Can't wait for Fall! I swam again tonight.

Friday, August 15th-I went to my pre-op appointment for a procedure I'll have done Tuesday. That went normally. I love the artwork in this building. They must have spent a fortune. Seriously.

 I then wrote an article about a new plan to supposedly revitalize the not so nice parts of the city I live in. It has major problems though....

 And so, that was my week. I hope you had less crappy stuff happen in yours. Lol

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