Friday, August 8, 2014

Work is good....

 Work seemed to take up the majority of my time this week (Hence the reason why there are so few pictures). Can't complain about that! I've made a game plan for myself work wise, which I'm going to execute over the next six months. Enjoy my wordy summary this week. :)

Saturday, August 2nd- I've been diligent with keeping up with swimming and notice it has been helping me not gain weight. And now to monitor what I eat to actually lose weight!

 My dad diagnosed my check engine light problem. He may be right that it's a simple problem to fix. (I hope!) Dad helped me vacuum the car, which I appreciated. I stayed there long enough to have dinner with my parents. We ordered sandwiches from Lascari's. So good!

 It actually rained tonight here in Southern California! It's badly needed. It's still humid, but at least it rained!

Sunday, August 3rd-And it's humid today! No rain, but humid. I did get in the pool for a bit.

 I was sad to learn of my pastor being diagnosed with lymphoma. I pray he's healed quickly.

 I'm having to learn when to eat versus when I get a craving. My weight loss plan gave specifics to avoid cravings, which I practiced today.

Monday, August 4th-I had a hard time sleeping due to the humidity and my nap in the afternoon. It continues to be hot today.

 The trash got taken out today. Yaaaay! :)

 I started wearing my glasses to give my contact lens eyes a rest.

Tuesday, August 5th-It seems remarkably cooler today. Yaaaay!

 I went to my once-a-week job today. Payday is always nice. :) We went to Costco and had lunch together. Love the Costco combo! I also covered a city council meeting tonight for my freelance column.

Wednesday, August 6th-I worked on an article today for my freelance column. It dealt with homeless services for the police department. I also cleared up a ton of emails today.

 And I swam. Can't forget that! :)

 Thursday, August 7th-I worked on an article today for my freelance column. I went back and forth, back and forth rewinding the city council meeting video to get accurate quotes. I put it up and will work on another tomorrow.

And I swam!

Friday, August 8th-I worked on another article today for another freelance column. This one is about military families across the country getting free museum admission until Labor Day.

 My dad fixed my car problem-knock on wood! He replaced the spark plugs and the check engine light went off! I'm praying it stays that way! We ordered out Lascari's again for dinner. Still good!

 And the trash got taken out.

 And the pool. Can't forget that! I've already begun thinking about what I'm going to do once it gets to be too cold to swim. I realized that my community area has a gym with a treadmill. Hooray! I can also move my two legs and simply walk around.

 Until next week!

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