Friday, May 1, 2015

The rest of April, in pictoral formation......

 April ended up being less morbid than March-woohoo! It had some really good moments, actually.

 I inherited my now deceased next door neighbor's plants. Her brother walked over in early April and told me to pick out what I wanted from her plants and he'd happily move them for me. She was seriously plant lady, so I didn't pick everything. There are still around ten plants sitting in that patio! Here are two of them:

(I'm told Jade doesn't ever die, so these will probably be my longest living plants...)

 I also had a scary moment right after getting a job offer....I literally could not find my important information to bring in on the first day. Not kidding you! Fortunately that got resolved fast. It's really an interesting position. My floor literally looks out to Angel Stadium and the Grove. I just finished my first pay period, so it'll be nice to get that check soon. :)

 There was also a pretty big fire behind my city's major hospital. It started in a hiking trail behind the hospital. I've hiked the trail before and know it was a tinder box. It was a gorgeous trail before this and is now charred up dirt. Needless to say, the city has closed the trail for the time being.

 Add to it the normal stressors with my elderly parents, and the month was pretty normal with some obviously good moments. On to May! 

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