Saturday, May 23, 2015

What happened this week...

 I'm in the mood to get back into doing weekly updates. I think it's a better way of keeping a record of my life.

 On Sunday, I of course went to church. Joy Enriquez, who starred in the TV show "7th Heaven" eeons ago, was the guest lead worship singer. She was pretty good!

 I also did my parents grocery shopping that day. My mom busted up her knee a week and-a-half ago and it still really hurts. She did go to the ER, which found nothing broken. Orthopedic specialist in a few weeks though....

 Monday was pretty typical. Work. I had an interesting discussion with a co-worker about all those bad loans we saw 10+ years ago. I also had an online discussion with the ex of a family member since she's a car salesperson. I need to seriously start thinking about buying a new/barely used car but had to be a little firm with her that I won't help her make her commission this month at work. :) I'll consider going to her though when I finally make the decision to get a car-and also save up enough for a down payment.

 Tuesday saw more overtime at work. I also played phone tag with an office for an appointment I had to make. A friend I haven't spoken to in months also called, which was nice. My city had a debate at their council meeting over whether to drain a really gorgeous lake. Cities in Southern California are under pressure from the state to seriously cut back on water consumption. This lake may unfortunately be a casualty.

 Wednesday also saw more overtime at work. I also realized I needed to get my cousin's baby gift. She's due in five weeks, so I texted her to get her registry information.Some of it was just way too expensive to get (Yes, it's her first child...) a baby who will spit on, poop on, and probably throw up on these things. In the end, I got her two books that she requested off Amazon. I got her two children's books in Hebrew (Her husband was born and raised in Israel) that she had requested. I then realized after making the purchase-and shipping it to me- that Amazon could have wrapped the gifts!! (Yes, it costs extra, but it would have been nice for them to wrap them and also send them to her.)  Oh well. Now I know for next time...

 Thursday saw even more overtime. I was happy that my boss of a little over a month assigned some of her work for me to do while she was gone the next day only because she knew I had experience doing it. How old is the experience? Like almost 15 years ago. She did such a poor job explaining what needed to be done and also asked me to read the equally poorly written training manual. To say I was nervous that evening was an understatement. :(

 I was happy on Friday since I had a paid three-day weekend in my midst.  I got frustrated when I had questions about the work I was assigned to do the previous day. The other person I could have asked questions to left for the weekend by the time I had to start in on my work... So, I had a fun few hours before leaving for the weekend.... Tuesday should be fun with my boss. :(

 Saturday had me taking care of an issue with my driver's license. I had made an appointment with the DMV for next month, but the person on the phone told me to try and walk in to a DMV to handle it on a Saturday, when they only handle driver's licenses. I tried the DMV in my city, who quickly told me no way without an appointment and to try one a few cities away. That ended up being a pleasant surprise, as I took care of my license issue and got out within a normal amount of time. A pleasant experience at the Southern California DMV! Yes, I'm shocked!

 Such a fun week. :)

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